Trump Ends LGBTQ Rights | Beijing Reimposes Lockdown | CHAZ in Seattle | Zoom Questione by Legislators

Trump Ends LGBTQ Protections | Beijing Reimposed Partial Lockdown | Amazon Under Scrutiny

Saturday, June 13, 2020 | 11:30 AM


The Trump Administration ends Obama-era protections for transgender patients under the Affordable Care Act. Critics warn the rule could harm vulnerable LGBTQ groups during a pandemic.

~extra: this move is favored by religious groups who argue that healthcare providers and insurers could be forced to cover gender reassignment procedures, which they oppose (WSJ

Seattle protesters negotiate with local officials over leaving CHAZ, the temporarily occupied six-block area with no police also known as the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone.

~extra: protesters’ demands include cutting 100% of funding for the Seattle Police Department according to their blog post on Medium. 


More than 100 lawmakers from a dozen countries joined the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China, a global coalition of legislators working to counter China’s increased global influence (WSJ)

~extra: the alliance brought together left-leaning figures like Reinhard Bütikofer, a member of the European Parliament to work with right-leaning figures like Marco Rubio, the Republican Senator of Florida.

Beijing reimposed lockdown amid report of dozens of new domestically transmitted Covid-19 cases at city’s largest wholesale food market (The Guardian)


Two U.S. states are examining Amazon’s business practices for abuse of power on selling its own product in competition to third-party vendors (Reuters)

Snapchat launches new features highlight its pivot from messaging app to camera platform, a move to unlock new forms of revenue (Axios)


U.S. Senate sent a bipartisan list of eight questions to Zoom after it closed the accounts of several Chinese activists based in the U.S. according to Senator Marco Rubio on Twitter.

~extra: read the questions here

Microsoft will pause sales of facial recognition to law enforcement along with other tech giants including IBM and Amazon (Bloomberg)

~extra: Senator Tom Cotton points out that Microsoft worked with a Chinese military-run university on  artificial intelligence that could be used for surveillance and censorship (FT)

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