Putin President for Life? | 4.8 Million Jobs Added to US Economy | CHOP Dismantles by Seattle Police

Putin President for Life? | 4.8 Million Jobs Added to US Economy | CHOP Dismantles by Seattle Police

Thursday, July 2, 2020 | 11:30 PM EST


Central American Asylum Seekers: A federal judge in Washington struck down a Trump administration policy late Tuesday that bars most Central Americans and other migrants from requesting asylum at the southern border. The Washington Post

Seattle’s CHOP: Seattle police on Wednesday dismantled the occupied protest zone known as Capitol Hill Organized Protest or ”CHOP,” ending a three-week standoff between officers and protesters who had declared it a police-free zone. Several fatal shootings took place in ”CHOP” in the past week. WSJ


Putin President for Life? Russians voted by a landslide (73%) to pass constitutional changes that will allow Vladimir Putin to run for president twice more, potentially extending his rule until 2036. By the time, he will be the longest ruler since Peter the Greatest, including Joseph Stalin. Politico

Thousands took to the street in Hong Kong on July 1 as the national security law officially takes effect in the city. U.S. Congress is going to pass another sanction punishing banks who do business with Chinese officials involved in cracking down pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong WSJ

~ Another bipartisan bill will be introduced in Congress to accept political refugees from Hong Kong under the new national security law. 

~ U.K. prime minister Boris Johnson seeks to extend immigration rights for 3 million eligible Hong Kongers.


The U.S. economy added 4.8 million jobs in June, while the unemployment rate dropped to 11.1% from 13.3% showing signs of recovery as some states reopen. With over 20 million jobs lost in the first two months of the pandemic, the labor market has a long way ahead to reach full recovery especially with spikes of cases in states like California, Texas, and Arizona. Axios

Microsoft is launching a global skills initiative aimed at bringing more digital skills to 25 million people worldwide by the end of the year. The company will provide free classes on LinkedIn, GitHub online platforms to teach skills for 10 in-demand jobs from project manager to software developer. WSJ

Florida-based startup firm Space Perspective plans to offer service that allows customers to see northern lights from the edge of space. Passengers will fly with the company’s advance balloon in a 6 hours journey for $125,000. AP


How conspiracy theories emerge, and how their storylines fall apart. PHYS.org

“This economy is coming back strongly because the American people have learned along the way how we get our country back to work, how we get back to worship, and ultimately how we get back to school.”
VP Mike Pence on today’s positive job report


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