Police Officer Fired in Beronna Taylor Shooting | Primaries in New York and Kentucky | Kim Jong Un Drops Military Threats |

Police Officer Fired in Beronna Taylor Shooting | Primaries in New York and Kentucky | Kim Jong Un Drops Military Threats

Wednesday, June 24, 2020 | 11:45 AM EST


1. Kentucky and New York held presidential primaries on Tuesday, along with some other states with tightly contested Senate and House primaries.

~ Check for live results here

2. The white police officer involved in Beronna Taylor’s fatal shooting in Kentucky was fired on Tuesday, three months after the 26-year-old Black woman was killed in her home (AP News)

~ Taylor was shot eight times by officers who burst into her home using a no-knock warrant on March 13

~ The warrant to search her home was in connection with a suspect who did not live there, and no drugs were found inside.

3. Senate Democrats vowed to block the Republican police reform bill led by Sen Tim Scott, the only African American GOP senator, arguing the bill doesn’t go nearly far enough. Democrats are calling for a renegotiation of a bipartisan bill (Politico)


1. Concerns over coronavirus resurgence are rising across the world as Germany sees rising infections due to local outbreaks, first coronavirus death reported in Australia, and Israel imposed targeted lockdown (Reuters)

2. Washington state joins California to make face masks mandatory in public as some states (Arizona, California, Mississippi, Nevada) see a new surge in coronavirus cases. Officials across the country are seeking new means to control the pandemic while reopening the economy (Reuters)

~ Washington state saw its positive tests rise by 35% last week


1. North Korea leader Kim Jong Un drops military plans and threats against South Korea after the rise of tension last week when the North destroys the inter-Korean liaison office in its territory (AP News)

2. EU is planning to reopen its internal border with member states by June 15 and slowly lift the ban on foreign visitors from July 1. American visitors are, so far, excluded from the draft lists of acceptable travelers (NYT)


1. The Internationa Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates a contraction of 4.9% in global GDP in 2020 as the global economy is expected to take a $12tn hit due to the coronavirus pandemic. The United States is also expected to contract by 8% this year (CNBC)

~ Read the full World Economic Outlook update from IMF here

2. The tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite set another record high on Tuesday with Apple and other tech giants leading the way rallying up their shares. The indexes have surged 40% or more from their March lows, recovering from the market meltdown due to the coronavirus pandemic (WSJ)


1. Dell is considering a spinoff of its roughly $50 billion stake in cloud computing software maker VMware Inc. as the PC maker seeks to boost the market value of its shares (WSJ)

2. Silicon Valley CEOs criticize Trump’s visa restrictions on skilled foreign workers, warning it could damage the U.S. tech industry’s competitiveness and ultimately jeopardize domestic job creation (WSJ)

~ The temporary ban, starting from July through the end of the year, includes the H1-B visa for high-skilled workers many tech companies enjoy. 

~ Criticism comes from tech giants including Apple’s Tim Cook, Tesla’s Elon Musk, Google, and Amazon.


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“The Covid-19 pandemic pushed economies into a Great Lockdown, which helped contain the virus and save lives but also triggered the worst recession since the Great Depression”
International Monetary Fund (IMF)


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